Taking a New Life Direction

After leaving college, I wasn’t sure what to do with my life. I was having trouble finding a job related to my degree. A friend of mine suggested that I try the TEFL Academy while I try to find something. This was my first time hearing about the academy, and my friend told me that I could find out more information at https://www.theteflacademy.com/what-is-tefl. That’s when I learned that it was a way for people to take courses that would prepare them for teaching English to people in different countries. I had never really thought about being a teacher, much less one that would teach English in foreign countries. It sounded like something that was out of my league at first, but my friend convinced me that I was more than capable of doing it.

After going through the courses, I signed up to teach English in the Philippines. I had to get a passport to travel to the country, as this was my first time going abroad. To be honest, I had never even flown on an airplane before that, so that was also a first for me. It felt kind of like I was going into space when the plane took off. Once I landed, it was like I was in a different world.

As I met my students and spent more time with them, we became close and I had fun teaching them. They were young school kids, which I thought would have been a bit of a problem, giving how wild the school kids were when I was growing up, but they were pretty polite. They had were very curious and couldn’t wait to start learning new things each day. They reminded me of myself when I was just a kid in school. I love being there so much that after my initial teaching term was up, I stayed a bit longer.