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How to Create Teacher Websites Using Blogs

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As a technology coordinator for an elementary school, I have found that it is very hard to get my teachers to create and consistently update websites. There will always be technophobes that are just resistant in general, but mainly the issue isn’t desire its ease of use and availability. Teachers are busy people, most work well beyond any traditional sense of school hours. The thought of one more task in the day is something akin to the straw that broke the camel’s back. My goal became to create a system that was easy to get to, easy to use, and something that my teachers would consider a valuable tool instead of an extra duty.

The best setup I found to accomplish this goal was with a blogging package called B2 Evolution. It is free and easy to install on most websites. For instance, I got approval to purchase a years hosting with Host Gator which was right around $100. With that I got the rights to set up unlimited websites (so multiple schools could share if needed) and no limit on space and bandwidth. It also provided me with the Fantastico script installers which meant that I could install B2 Evolution in about two minutes flat.

How to Create Teacher Websites Using Blogs

Now, why did I choose B2Evolution instead of the more popular WordPress? B2Evolution has the ability to have blogs within blogs and here is the key to the whole thing being valuable to your school. I created a main site using another software package called Joomla but you could just as easily use any site building software or even a WordPress blog for your front page. From there I created a separate blog installation for each grade level. Then, within each grade level blog I used the create new blog option to create blogs within blogs. This isn’t nearly as complicated as it sounds but it allowed me to create a separate blog for each teacher.

Now, your going to need to download and install a few plug-ins to make things easier for you later. If you Google them and B2Evolution in the same search you should have no trouble finding them. They are:

* TinyMCE – Gives your teachers a Microsoft Word type environment to work with. * Widget Manager – Allows you to create the same page layout across all your blogs at the same time. * Sorted Public Blog List – Allows you to put the links on top of the page in alphabetical order and add a link back to your main site.

To install these you are going to have to download them, uncompress them using Windows or another progress such as Winrar, and then upload them to your website via ftp. This really isn’t that hard. You can get free ftp programs off the Internet quite easily. To log into the ftp if for instance your using Host Gator, you simply use your website as the domain, and your user-name and password for logging into cpanel when asked. … Read More

Website Design Schooling Opportunities

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The Internet has connected the world together and the websites that are used allow individuals to access everything from information to social networking sites. The most popular websites are visually dynamic and user-friendly. This basic point for a great website has triggered very best-selling skills. Students that have a desire to design websites can enter schooling opportunities provided by vocational colleges.

Website Design Schooling Opportunities

Website design requires exclusive knowledge of industrial computer applications. This usually includes Adobe Dreamweaver, Flash, and others. The computer language needed to successfully take a website and make it fully functional is obtained through higher education. Students that pursue an education at the vocational level will find that available opportunities include certificate and associate degree programs. Each type of program trains students to enter the field. Typically students that have an associate’s degree have a better career outlook. This is due to the high demand for trained individuals and the level of competition that exists in the career.

Programs at both levels teach students to design and develop websites based on core objectives set by the industry. These objectives may include:

  • Preparing images for web pages (same as the others below)
  • Create standard layouts using industrial computer languages
  • Developing websites
  • Designing all aspects of the website, which includes graphics, navigation bars, layout, animations, advertisements, etc.
  • Developing core competencies in HTML, CSS, and PHP

Inside a certificate program, that may last anywhere from a few months to a year, students work through courses that focus on software programs and design procedures. Students become proficient in all foundational areas of creating a website based on their understanding of the formats, languages, and programs used in the field. Style sheets, frames, typeface features, web standards, editing images, text graphics, movie clips, and usability tests are all courses that can make up a traditional certificate program. These courses explore visual content and site features that need to be included in website design. Some courses will break down the different components that are used for various web sites such as businesses. Certificate programs that differ in level of knowledge can be a good choice for students that have no experience or for students looking to brush up on a new computer technology.

Further education at the associate’s degree level is the typical starting point for many students that are website design beginners. The focus of a two-year associate’s degree is to give students an overall foundation in multimedia, photo software, and existing and new Internet technologies. Design principles are integrated into courses on database websites, author websites, e-commerce websites, and more. Students learn to use various file formats, compression strategies, design techniques, and media delivery formats. Further education can be gained inside traditional colleges starting at the bachelor’s degree level.

The knowledge and skill level needed to enter the website design field successfully can be gained by working through an accredited vocational college program. Full accreditation is give to educational programs that meet certain criteria and offer students the best quality education available. Agencies … Read More

Physiological Issues Trending Among College Students

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Physiological Issues Trending Among College Students

Mental health is one of the most important considerations of today, many people think that taking care of your mental condition is not an important thing but this is one of the wrong stigma attached to the society. Like your physical health is important, your mental health also deserves the same level of consideration. When you are diagnosed by any kind of health issue and you get it treated similarly you must never ignore your mental issues as well.

Mental health is one of the most important considerations of today, many people think that taking care of your mental condition is not an important thing but this is one of the wrong stigma attached to the society. Like your physical health is important, your mental health also deserves the same level of consideration. When you are diagnosed by any kind of health issue and you get it treated similarly you must never ignore your mental issues as well.

It is not that you won’t find any help in this regard, nowadays since the presence of mental problems among people especially students is getting very common numerous therapists, physiologists and counselors are working hard to bring such people out of this condition. However, this condition is found to be very common among the college students because of the excessive stress, peer pressure, competition, and high level of expectations, complexes and much more. The common mental disorders which are found to be common among the college students may include the following.

  • Addiction is the most common problem found to be common among the students nowadays and here drugs have been very popular these disrupt the life of a person mentally as well as physically in the longer run and therefore needs attention.
  • Another common psychological issue among college students is the issue of adjustment, this is known as adjustment disorder and many students who are unable to adjust in a new house, new college or among new people may come across this and this bothers them in getting frank with others, depression and much more.
  • Anxiety is another increasing issue among students and this leads to a lot of panic attacks to develop, people face emotional breakdowns, episodes of sadness and too much depression when they feel anxiety.
  • ADHD is a very common problem which is found to be very much among young children and this has terrible effects in the functioning of children at school and college.
  • Bipolar is another such mental disease which has been increasing at a faster pace among students and has led to the increase in depression, people with such issue get episodes of mood swings and that may get extremely hyper in many cases.
  • Depression among students may also be caused due to the pressure of studies, poor results, peer circle, lack of performance and much more, this is one of the most saddening situations for people who are facing this kind of mental issues.
  • Students who tend to get trapped in the issues of
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Sie Müssen Ständig Neue Fähigkeiten Erlernen

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Sie haben vielleicht nicht alle Fähigkeiten, die Sie sich gewünscht haben, aber es bleibt noch Zeit, ein oder zwei Dinge zu lernen, selbst wenn Sie älter werden. Es ist nie zu spät, die Fähigkeiten zu erlernen, die Sie möchten, und mit Ihrem Lebensstil aktiver zu werden. Es ist nicht zu spät, eine bessere Karriere zu machen oder ein neues Leben zu beginnen, wenn Sie neue Talente entdecken und Unterricht nehmen, um alles über die Dinge zu lernen, die Sie wissen möchten.

Sie Müssen Ständig Neue Fähigkeiten Erlernen

Sie Können Lernen, Wie Man Tanzt

Auch wenn Sie älter sind, sind Tanzkurse eine Option für Sie und sie könnten Sie dazu inspirieren, sich jeden Tag mehr zu bewegen, als Sie es sonst tun würden. In Tanzkursen lernst du, dich gut zu bewegen und freust dich auf das Training. Und sie werden Ihnen helfen, das Gefühl zu haben, sich reibungslos bewegen zu können. Wenn Sie sich schon immer für Tanz interessiert haben, aber nie den Sprung zum Lernen gewagt haben, ist es jetzt an der Zeit, eine Tanzschule berlin zu besuchen.

Lernen Sie Neue Fähigkeiten Für Ihr Persönliches Leben

Es gibt andere Fähigkeiten, die Sie in ein oder zwei einfachen Kursen erlernen können, und wenn Sie Backen lernen möchten, können Sie Backkurse belegen. Oder wenn Sie nähen können möchten, nehmen Sie daran Unterricht. Sie können Kurse zu verschiedenen Themen belegen, die Ihr persönliches Leben verbessern, und Sie werden unterhalten, wenn Sie an den Kursen teilnehmen und Ihre neuen Fähigkeiten zu Hause einsetzen.

Lernen Sie Weiter, Um Eine Bessere Karriere Zu Haben

Sie werden eine großartige Karriere haben, wenn Sie durchgehend lernen, und wenn Sie auf Kurse stoßen, die Ihre Karriere verbessern, müssen Sie diese absolvieren. Erlernen Sie Computerkenntnisse und vieles mehr, damit Sie an Ihrem Arbeitsplatz ein wertvolles Kapital darstellen können. Lernen Sie die moderne Art, Dinge zu tun, und versuchen Sie, mit allem Schritt zu halten, was auf der Welt vor sich geht, damit Sie Ihr Bestes geben und Ihre Karriere das ist, was Sie wollen.

Nehmen Sie Sich Die Zeit, Die Sie Zum Lernen Benötigen

Nehmen Sie sich also die Zeit, die Sie jeden Tag brauchen, um etwas Neues zu lernen. Nehmen Sie sich die Zeit, um Kurse zu belegen, in denen Sie Kenntnisse erwerben oder Ihre bereits vorhandenen Kenntnisse verbessern können. Machen Sie einige Dinge zu einer Priorität, wie z. B. Tanzen, damit Sie mehr Spaß haben und mehr Sport treiben können. Es wird großartig sein, weiter zu lernen, selbst wenn Sie älter werden, weil Sie ein erfüllteres Leben haben, wenn Sie immer etwas Neues lernen. Und wenn Sie einige großartige Fertigkeiten wie Stricken oder Nähen erlernen, können Sie diese an die jüngere Generation weitergeben. Suchen Sie also nach Kursen zu Themen, die Sie interessieren oder die Ihnen in Ihrer Karriere weiterhelfen, und nehmen Sie sich dann die Zeit, die Sie für diese Kurse benötigen, damit Sie weiter lernen können.… Read More

Career Paths For Those Not Wanting To Go To College

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Once you’re done with high school, you might be thinking that you either need to go to college to start many different careers or just end up working your way up the ladder with a local job. However, you can start many different high-paying careers through other methods of education whether it be special training programs or learning by yourself at home. Go through all of these different career ideas if you want something new to consider when planning your future.

Career Paths For Those Not Wanting To Go To College


Pilots will always be needed to fly our planes whether it’s to move cargo somewhere or moving passengers from city to city on a major airline. To get started on being a pilot, you’ll have to go through a flight training Zionsville IN. This training will have you take different classes outside of the college norm and have you to take tests before you start flying with an instructor. You’ll end up having to be up in the air for at least hundreds of hours before you start flying on your own. Once you end up getting your license, you’ll be able to work your way up by possibly purchasing your own aircraft so you can fly a couple of passengers to eventually make it where a large commercial airline will want to hire you to become a pilot. If you’ve ever at an interest in flying, consider being a pilot.


Programming is typically seen as a career path where you need to go to college for, whether you’re looking for a Computer Science or a Computer Engineering degree. However, many people these days are getting there start outside of a college classroom. Look online for many different training programs that are available for free which can take you from inputting your first code into making a full portfolio to impress a tech giant. Additionally, you can look into taking a programming boot camp which isn’t self-guided but will have you programming for hours and hours with professionals helping you go through a strict regiment that might get you coding more than having to convince yourself to do so at home. All of these options require different budgets so look at each one in terms of time and how much money you can put at it so you know what is right for your career. Consider programming if you’ve ever had an interest in building programs that we all use on a daily basis.


Both of these career paths are great ideas for someone who might not be completely sure that they want to go to college. Make sure that if you end up going through with trying to get into all of these careers that you have a plan B if things don’t work out so you’re able to fully support yourself. While you need to support yourself, also give it time as we all aren’t fast learners and it doesn’t make you worse off than the others.… Read More