The Characteristics of Adult Education

The Characteristics of Adult Education

Adult learners are different from other types of students, with several unique qualities that make them particularly attractive. For one thing, they are result-oriented and focused. They have clearly defined goals and strive to achieve them. In contrast, students in younger age groups may be more flexible and have no specific goals. As a result, adult learners tend to have higher learning outcomes than younger students. Listed below are some of the characteristics that make adult education the best choice for your company.

Learning is a lifelong process

There are many controversies surrounding the concept of lifelong learning, as well as debates about what should be learned and what kind of society learning should promote. Neoliberalism and economic rationalism are often contrasted with the humanistic view of learning. Regardless of which approach one takes, lifelong learning has become an important part of society. In fact, many countries now provide opportunities for lifelong learning.

Adults learn at their own pace

Adults learn at different paces than younger learners. Because they don’t like active learning, instructors must find a pace that works for them. They need time to process information and reflect on their understanding. Often, adults are not motivated by group dynamics or active learning methods. Instead, they prefer quiet time and reflection. Here are tips to help you make the most of the time you spend in class. Learn at your own pace.

They value self-direction

A key dimension of self-directedness is critical awareness of meaning. Self-directed students demonstrate critical awareness and knowledge. Self-directedness promotes personal responsibility. However, it is not always easy to foster self-direction. Students may have to overcome obstacles to learn. The following are some helpful tips to promote self-direction in adult education classes. Listed below are three strategies to encourage self-direction in students.

They are interested

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