The Different Types of Adult Education and Their Benefits

The Different Types of Adult Education and Their Benefits

When you think of adult education, you probably have different ideas about what type of program you’re looking for. Some of the different types are Postsecondary, Vocational, and Lifelong learning. Listed below are the different types of adult education and their benefits. You might want to explore each type for yourself. You may be surprised to find that you have more options than you thought! Here are a few tips for choosing the right program for you!

Formal and non-formal

In the 1990s, the English adult education sector turned to institutional accreditation as a method of allocating funding. Programmes that lead to an accredited qualification were funded at higher rates than those that don’t. However, this system said little about educational processes or the social goods that they produced. The emphasis on results reinforced individualism and undermined building social capital. Despite this, advocates of bottom-up NFE continue to seek new ways to approach adult education.


What’s the difference between postsecondary and adult education? Although both are postsecondary, they may have very different purposes. In some cases, adult education students may not have adequate contact with postsecondary programs or lack the necessary skills to participate in these programs. Other times, adult education students are in need of additional training or assistance because they’ve lost jobs or cannot find a job that meets their educational needs. Regardless, both types of education are necessary for an individual to advance in his or her career.


The rationale for investing in adult education has always been to build human capital. Local municipalities and civil society have created infrastructure to fill in gaps and setbacks in school. As a result, employers were frustrated and disappointed with the school-centered vocational education. They saw the need to improve the quality and relevance of adult education programs. …

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