Preschool Curriculum and Child Development

Preschool Curriculum and Child Development

As your child reaches the age of four, you should begin considering the start of your child’s education. For some this will begin with kindergarten at the age of five or six. However, it is recommended by most pediatric specialists in any field, that child’s education begin earlier than that.

Preschool is great introduction to this. It will give your child the opportunity to become comfortable with the structured environment of school before actually entering those twelve years of education. Providing your children with social and learning stimulus, in and outside the home will help them to develop the needed skills in learning new and more complex ideas. It will help them to form individual concepts and thoughts and give them the confidence to begin growing on their own and seeking their own interests.

Preschool curriculum centers on basic skills and ideas. It is meant to introduce young children to concepts regarding personal, social, economic, and emotional development. Communication is introduced in variety of forms including sign language and in specific programs foreign language may even be touched upon. Knowledge and understanding of the world, creative and aesthetic concepts, Mathematical awareness and development, Physical health and growth, Teamwork, self-help, Scientific thinking, literacy, and other creative activities are some more subjects that will be introduced and expanded on through child’s preschool years. One of the most important benefits of preschool education is the building of confidence in young children to seek their own interests, develop their own ideas, and learn to use the necessary skills to communicate that to the world.

If taken literally child’s preschool education is simply the learning of basic concepts that occur before the structured curriculum of classroom. In fact, child can begin their preschool education at home while being taught by their parents. This should be done whether your child is in an outside preschool setting or not. In fact, parents and guardians because of their intimate knowledge of their child are better able to explain complex concepts to them in way that they will understand. Every child is individual and because of this they will learn and comprehend things in different ways. parent is able to dedicate one on one time with the child that teacher may not be able to. This time dedicated can prove invaluable to the child not only in the present but future education as well.

Developing an active interest in learning new things is essential for child to have successful education. The more they enjoy something the easier it will be for them to learn. Starting when they are young will help this active enjoyment grow and will put them little ahead of the learning curve when they enter school. This is great way to build confidence which will help child focus more thoroughly on their studies and other such activities garnered in the public and private school sector. Preschool is just the start, but varied curriculum in any education is key and an active interest from all parties involved is also essential.