Higher Education Publications

Higher Education Publications

When selecting higher education publications, it is important to ensure that the material is of high quality and adheres to a variety of standards. Journals such as University Business Magazine and Studies in Higher Education must be published in the U.S. and comply with institutional purchasing policies. They should also have a distinctive identifying number that must be attached adjacent to the institution’s identification. Listed below are some examples of higher education publications that should be carefully examined to ensure quality.

Journal of College Student Development

The Journal of College Student Development (JCSD) is an academic, peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles on higher education topics. It is the official publication of the American College Personnel Association and the College Student Educators International. This journal publishes scholarly articles as well as book reviews. It is published by Johns Hopkins University Press and is edited by Debora L. Liddell, professor at the University of Iowa.

Published quarterly, the Journal of College Student Development focuses on research addressing issues that affect college students. Its articles are rooted in both theory and practice and speak directly to the lives of college students. It also seeks to publish forward-thinking, innovative, and imaginative articles. It is one of the most cited and indexable higher education publications. The Journal of College Student Development is available online and in print.

Research in Brief articles report the findings of empirical research relating to student development and college-related topics. Its content is self-contained, fully indexed, and features the contributions of leading scholars. Dedicated to higher education decision makers, the journal provides timely, authoritative guidance and analysis. The journal’s editorial board accepts manuscripts that meet the criteria for a featured article. If your manuscript falls into this category, consider sending it to the Journal of College Student Development for review.

Studies in Higher Education

Studies in Higher Education is a peer-reviewed academic journal published by Routledge on behalf of the Society for Research into Higher Ed. The journal’s editor is V. Lynn Meek. In this article, you’ll learn about the different categories of articles in Studies in Higher Education. Read the articles for a deeper understanding of higher education. They are not only well-written, but they’re also relevant to today’s higher education landscape.

The purpose of higher education is an ongoing and heated philosophical debate that has strong practical and policy implications. This article synthesizes relevant literature to offer a framework for future research. It first describes the mainstream purpose of higher education, which aims to increase individual income and position in the labour market. It then considers the intrinsic notion of higher education, which seeks to understand its purpose under ontological and epistemological considerations.

The journal’s focus on international higher education is vast. It examines traditional and emerging issues, such as the growing influence of international organizations and the blending of academic and professional roles. It provides a comprehensive overview of contemporary higher education systems, and encourages authors to engage with international literature and explain the national context of their research. You can also sign up for email alerts and RSS feeds to receive new issues of Studies in Higher Education.

University Business Magazine

Dedicated to the needs of higher education leaders, University Business is the most widely read publication of its kind. It features news, analysis, profiles and technology in addition to a wealth of other content. It also has a website and a print subscription with over 41,000 readers. Whether you’re in charge of a college or university, or are just looking to learn about the latest in higher education, this publication will be invaluable to your career.

This African American publication focuses on the needs of African-American higher education administrators and faculty. Its comprehensive coverage of campus news and issues, from technology to academia to facilities management, offers a wealth of insight. The journal also includes a thriving editorial section and profiles of top administrators. University Business Magazine is a higher education publication that aims to promote African-American hiring in higher education. It also features a wide range of stories on diversity and inclusion on campus.