Attending A Trade School Instead Of Traditional University

Picking the right career path right out of high school can seem a bit overwhelming. All throughout school you have your parents and guidance counselors telling you that you need to apply to different schools and know exactly what you want to be when you grow up. Not everyone has a firm understanding of how they want to spend the rest of their life. In fact; a lot of adults end up going through a complete career change later in life because they realize they did not choose the right career path.

Attending A Trade School Instead Of Traditional University

You need to go with your gut and if you are not certain about what you want to be then take general classes and hopefully during that time something will inspire you. With that said; a lot of people are foregoing college all together and going into trade school. You might be wondering why they are making this decision, but it can honestly come down to a large variety of reasons.

College and universities are extremely expensive. A lot of people leave home to attend school and only find themselves riddled with so much debt when they graduate that they are forced to return home and live off their parents for years. The debt can be anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 or more depending upon what type of school you attended. Once you graduate from college you must begin the job hunt. Every month that is spent looking for a job is a month of bills going by that you are unable to pay. A lot of times people find themselves either owing to collection agencies or taking jobs that are beneath their degree. With the raise in minimum wage a lot of people who work in fast food restaurants make the same as college educated individuals. A perfect example of this is ambulance drivers. EMT’s with a B certification make less than $20 an hour. It puts acquiring a college degree into perspective.

Trade school has become a more obvious choice for many people the trades are dwindling and are in high demand. You can inquire into any available electrician trade school chicago il or cities across the US. HVAC school as well as the pipe fitters trade school are all fabulous options for individuals that want to work with their hands while using their brain and doing some good. Plumbers, Electricians and Heating and Air technicians are always going to be in demand.

These trades are essential to businesses and homes coast to coast. The schooling takes less time than traditional college and costs far less. Right out of school you become an apprentice and immediately begin working. You will work your way up into the union and then be privy to union benefits. Many people who begin working in the trades stay with them and eventually retire making for more money than individuals that earned their associates or bachelor’s degrees. If you are unsure of where to begin you can ask your guidance counselor while you are in high school or call a local plumber, electrician or HVAC repair company and ask them if they have a school they recommend above the others.