What Are the Benefits of Cookie-Free Domains?

What Are the Benefits of Cookie-Free Domains?

Technology has always worked towards making life better and creating enhanced experiences. Especially when it comes to the internet, it has always been, “How could we make it better than it is today?” But there are always two sides to every coin!

Namely, HTTP cookies that were causing privacy and security concerns, which led to the emergence of cookie-free domains.

Cookie-free domains provide users with private navigation, allowing most businesses that buy domain names in NZ to create a subdomain for cookie-free domains.

When you add cookies to your domain name from NZ, the cookies stay along throughout all the website diversions with that domain name.

In the same way, when you buy NZ domain hosting and create a subdomain for a cookie-free domain to your domain name, you get every page of your website cookie-free.

But is the cookies-free domain really useful and beneficial for marketers? If it does not allow you to track the user’s experience and preference, how exactly is it more helpful than not? Let us understand how cookies-free domains are beneficial for websites.

Why Should One Use Cookie-Free Domains?

●       Minimising Redundant Load

Cookie-free domains are really helpful in reducing the unnecessary traffic on your website. With cookies, you would have had to send requests to the user’s device and browser. This consumes your resources, data, and bandwidth. With each request, more network is consumed, leading to a loss of bandwidth.

With a cookie-free domain, you don’t lose this network power, reducing all unnecessary, redundant, and unwanted network traffic.

●       Better for SEO

With the network traffic released, you get speed and proficiency from your server. With more speed, you get an overall better performance, allowing you to rank higher on search engines.

This is because when users visit the website, they can see the pages loading quicker compared to the cookie-based ones.

●       Enhanced Loading Time

As we mentioned above, when network traffic is reduced, it loading speeds. Faster loading means more visitor traffic! This helps improve user experience without the need for cookies.

●       Lower Cost

With the exclusion of cookies, you have to pay less to the hosting providers. Since the usage of resources is minimised due to less network consumption, the cost of hosting also reduces.

●       Progressive in Vision

Nowadays, companies, as well as individuals, are big on privacy protection and security. With cookie-based domains, your actions are tracked, monitored, and stored for the third party to enhance their performance.

This is an indirect breach of privacy. Hence, cookie-free domains instill more trust in visitors, allowing your website to have a more progressive, futuristic, and cookie-free approach.

Ending Note

If you are planning on using a cookie-free domain for your website, go for it!

With the reduction of network traffic, you get to experience a lot of advantages, like enhanced user experience, higher SERP rankings, and more traffic, leading to a bigger and better online presence!